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Sorry. According to Carp is no more. I’m now debating sports topics with Sam Borden at a blog called  Faceoff. Check it out. Thanks. 

Posted by Carp on Friday, June 27th, 2008 at 10:52 pm
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Before the Madness


Just wondering …

Are you watching tomorrow and Friday? Are you watching because you have a favorite team involved, an alma mater, or just a team you follow? Are you watching just because you love college hoops?

Are you watching because there might be upsets and there almost always are buzzer-beater games on the two maddest days of March Madness?

Or are you watching because of your brackets? Are you only concerned with the outcomes of the teams you picked? So will you be checking the internet as much as, or more than, the TV for scores of your bracket-picked teams?

Don’t forget, this is your last chance to play in The Journal News’ and LoHud.com’s bracket contest at Lohud.com/brackets. See how you measure up against writers Pete Abraham, Kevin Devaney, Sam Borden, Sam Weinman and myself.

Posted by Carp on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 at 3:29 pm
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Brackets, anyone?


OK. Pete Abraham, the king of all bloggers, is really throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to the NCAAs. He calls himself  “all knowing” because he covered college hoops before he became the Mets beat guy, then the Yankees beat guy/internet god. Somebody tell him Ben Gordon doesn’t play for UConn anymore. And Kevin Devaney, well, he probably still thinks Peekskill and Mount Vernon are going to win.

Sam Borden, he might be a threat. I think he was covering college hoops as a columnist down in Florida (he just did a piece on Jonathan Mitchell). Sam Weinman? With all due respect, I know more about college hoops AND hockey than he does. I’d say golf, too, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I’ll tell you what I like about the Double Sams. Borden likes to eat at Walter’s. Weinman likes Pat’s Hubba Hubba. So maybe I’ll treat them to their fave dogs with my winnings.

Seriously, try and beat the five of us in our contest at Lohud.com/brackets. If you can’t win the $10,000, at least you can get some bragging rights from these other four guys, who will be hearing it from me when Duke wins it all and I get all the “points” in our personal wager.

Posted by Carp on Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 at 7:22 pm
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Bring it on!


Brackets day! The day in which it really doesn’t matter how much or how little (in my case) you actually know about college basketball.

Hey, I enjoy college hoops. But I couldn’t tell you, right now, without looking, if Valparaiso is in or out, or even if that’s how you spell it.

But I have won these stupid bracket things in the past simply by picking the eventual champ. The last time I won an office NCAA pool and pocketed all the “points” I picked Duke in a year when Duke wasn’t the fave, and it won. So I’m picking Duke again. Plus, I wanted to go with a player I covered in high school. So I was kind of down to Taj Finger of Stanford or Keith Benjamin of Pitt in terms of local kids with a real shot. Then I remembered that I covered and interviewed Blue Devils point guard Greg Paulus when he quarterbacked CBA to victory in one of the best football games I’ve ever seen, at the Carrier Dome against New Rochelle. So that’s another reason to go with Duke. Plus, I just came back from the state tournament, and the Haldane Blue Devils won the state Class C tournament.

Hey, these are reasons as good as any, right? I mean, my wife used to fill out my college football contests and she’d pick Purdue because she likes their chicken. It worked pretty well for her.

Anyway, myself and fellow Journal News/LoHud.com staff writers Peter Abraham, Kevin Devaney Jr., Sam Borden and Sam Weinman are doing brackets as part of the LoHud.com contest — and part of a separate bragging rights contest among us.

We want you to go mano-a-mano (or womano-a-mano?) with us. Go to Lohud.com/brackets  and see if you can’t outsmart us. Or me, because I’m figuring I’m a shoo-in against those guys. None of them really covers college hoops, and none has my system for picking teams. Oh, you can also win prizes, and up to $10,000. But obviously, trying to beat us is more important than money.

Posted by Carp on Monday, March 17th, 2008 at 10:13 am
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State champ Brittany


You may know by now that Brittany Shields overcame her knee popping out to lead Haldane to the state Class C championship today.

Bet you didn’t know that she overcome a pre-game hot foot, too. Her roomate and good friend Scotti King was using a flat iron to straighten her hair in the hotelroom, when Sheilds stepped on it. Her foot was burned and a blister quickly arose, and she had to pad her sneaker to play in the championship game.

But then this is a kid who has had to persevere through a lot in order to put up a resume’ which includes five Section 1 championships, the school scoring record and now a state title.That’s the topic of a column I just finished for The Journal News and LoHud.com tomorrow.

For example … as a youngster she couldn’t play long stretches because of asthma; she dislocated a shoulder at the Empire State Games and came back to lead her teamto silver; she badly injured her ankle during the first half of a Section 1 semifinal last year and hobbled back to score 21 points in the second half of a victory; she went through jaw surgery in the offseason; she has a chronic bad knee that requires a big black brace, causes frequent sharp pains, and pops out from time to time, as it did before halftime today, bringing her to tears.

“If my kid cries, she’s hurting,” said her dad, Pat.

Posted by Carp on Sunday, March 16th, 2008 at 6:05 pm
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Dark Saturday, darker Sunday


Briarcliff’s girls won the state Class B championship, and Haldane goes for the Class C title tomorrow in Troy.

Glens Falls will be dark for boys basketball teams from Section 1 tomorrow.

For the first time since 2003, Section 1 won’t have multiple boys champions. It won’t have any.

And for only the second time since 1992, Section 1 won’t have a single team in a boys championship game.

Peekskill had been to Glens Falls seven times, and this is the only time it failed to reach the final. It won five previous titles, and lost a championship game to the Amityville dynasty, which, with Peekskill’s loss today remains the only team to win four straight (2000-03).

Mount Vernon has lost semifinals as recently as 2001 and 2002, in a still remarkable run of seven final four appearances in the last eight years. It also lost a championship game in 2003.  

Posted by Carp on Saturday, March 15th, 2008 at 7:38 pm
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Down. And out?


Well it’s a blowout now. 57-35 Jamesville-DeWitt over Peekskill early in the fourth quarter. J-D had a 16-0 run and stretched that to 25-4. Everything’s gone wrong for the 25-0, three-time defending state champs, including awful shooting, four fouls on Mookie Jones, and a technical foul on coach Lou Panzanaro.This will truly be a remarkable story if Peekskill can win this one. Don’t  bet on it. 

Posted by Carp on Saturday, March 15th, 2008 at 11:53 am
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Crawling along


Well, it’s not a blowout. Peekskill is up 26-22 on Jamesville-DeWitt at the half. This game is going along at a pace that makes a good game of checkers seem exciting. Slow, deliberate. You have to think that pace is right up J-D’s alley. But, as average as Peekskill has played so far, it still has led pretty much throughout. Mookie Jones was terrific early with a couple of 3s, two defensive rebounds and a block on J-D’s 6-10 kid. But he has cooled and has two fouls.He’s also wearing No. 43 instead of his usual No. 21. Don’t know why. Peekskill’s uniforms look like they’re brand new. Maybe there was a problem with No. 21. The winner gets East Hampton, which beat Buffalo East by three this morning. after East Hampton missed some free throws down the stretch, Buffalo East actually had a last second inbounds and a full-court fling that hit the backboard. It would have sent it into OT!   Got a new laptop. It’s not letting me separate the paragraphs. No idea why. Sorry. 

Posted by Carp on Saturday, March 15th, 2008 at 11:23 am
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Early in the morning


I’m blogging before 8 a.m. That doesn’t happen often. But then Peekskill doesn’t play a lot of state semifinal games at 10:45.I wrote a column today about Peekskill’s runaway run to this point, averaging a 39.6 point margin of victory over its last 10 games, but putting its 25-0 record and three straight state championships on the line against a team that will likely force them to play a close game today.You can read that story here. Also on LoHud.com, Kevin Devaney writes about the tough tasks Mount Vernon and Peekskill face today at Glens Falls Civic Center.

Posted by Carp on Saturday, March 15th, 2008 at 7:58 am
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Rangers roll


Here’s why you can’t really, truly compare the 13-game point streak of these Rangers to the 14-game point streak by the ’93-94 Rangers.

In ’93-94 you didn’t get points for overtime losses or shootout losses. If you lost an overtime, you lost the game, and got nothing. There were no shootouts.

The 14-game streak run off by the ’93-94 Rangers was 12-0-2, and all 12 wins came in regulation. The current Rangers streak includes two shootout losses and an overtime loss, plus three shootout “wins.”

I’m not belittling what these Rangers are doing. I think they’re an absolute threat in the playoffs because of their goalie and their system.

The ’93-94 Rangers, by the way, went 6-0-2 in the eight games after their point (undefeated) streak ended. So the roll was 18-1-4.

Posted by Carp on Friday, March 14th, 2008 at 11:56 am
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