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Brackets, anyone?


OK. Pete Abraham, the king of all bloggers, is really throwing down the gauntlet when it comes to the NCAAs. He calls himself  “all knowing” because he covered college hoops before he became the Mets beat guy, then the Yankees beat guy/internet god. Somebody tell him Ben Gordon doesn’t play for UConn anymore. And Kevin Devaney, well, he probably still thinks Peekskill and Mount Vernon are going to win.

Sam Borden, he might be a threat. I think he was covering college hoops as a columnist down in Florida (he just did a piece on Jonathan Mitchell). Sam Weinman? With all due respect, I know more about college hoops AND hockey than he does. I’d say golf, too, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I’ll tell you what I like about the Double Sams. Borden likes to eat at Walter’s. Weinman likes Pat’s Hubba Hubba. So maybe I’ll treat them to their fave dogs with my winnings.

Seriously, try and beat the five of us in our contest at Lohud.com/brackets. If you can’t win the $10,000, at least you can get some bragging rights from these other four guys, who will be hearing it from me when Duke wins it all and I get all the “points” in our personal wager.

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