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State champ Brittany


You may know by now that Brittany Shields overcame her knee popping out to lead Haldane to the state Class C championship today.

Bet you didn’t know that she overcome a pre-game hot foot, too. Her roomate and good friend Scotti King was using a flat iron to straighten her hair in the hotelroom, when Sheilds stepped on it. Her foot was burned and a blister quickly arose, and she had to pad her sneaker to play in the championship game.

But then this is a kid who has had to persevere through a lot in order to put up a resume’ which includes five Section 1 championships, the school scoring record and now a state title.That’s the topic of a column I just finished for The Journal News and LoHud.com tomorrow.

For example … as a youngster she couldn’t play long stretches because of asthma; she dislocated a shoulder at the Empire State Games and came back to lead her teamto silver; she badly injured her ankle during the first half of a Section 1 semifinal last year and hobbled back to score 21 points in the second half of a victory; she went through jaw surgery in the offseason; she has a chronic bad knee that requires a big black brace, causes frequent sharp pains, and pops out from time to time, as it did before halftime today, bringing her to tears.

“If my kid cries, she’s hurting,” said her dad, Pat.

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