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Rangers roll


Here’s why you can’t really, truly compare the 13-game point streak of these Rangers to the 14-game point streak by the ‘93-94 Rangers.

In ‘93-94 you didn’t get points for overtime losses or shootout losses. If you lost an overtime, you lost the game, and got nothing. There were no shootouts.

The 14-game streak run off by the ‘93-94 Rangers was 12-0-2, and all 12 wins came in regulation. The current Rangers streak includes two shootout losses and an overtime loss, plus three shootout “wins.”

I’m not belittling what these Rangers are doing. I think they’re an absolute threat in the playoffs because of their goalie and their system.

The ‘93-94 Rangers, by the way, went 6-0-2 in the eight games after their point (undefeated) streak ended. So the roll was 18-1-4.

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7 Responses to “Rangers roll”

  1. Peter

    So if this were 1993-94, the record would have been 7-1-5 for 19 points(if one assumes shootout wins and losses would have been ties). Problem is that it’s really difficult to draw these types of conclusions and comparisons because of a variation on an old physics law: The act of observing something changes that which you are observing. Similarly, the actual existence of the “Bettman point” (henceforth known here as the “Zippy Point” for undisclosed reasons)changes the way coaches play with an eye towards overtime and ties and shootouts. I think.

    Honestly, points streak aside, I just don’t like the Rangers’ game right now. I could very easily see them getting completely thumped this weekend. No PP to speak of, making terrible decisions wit the puck including ridiculous east/west passes across their own zone and the neutral zone resulting in odd-man rushes. That’s just not good puck support, it’s not tidy, and it’s not how you continue winning. It sounds as though they’re aware of the fact that they seem to be winning these last few in spite of themselves, but we won’t know until these next two games are done.

  2. reginald dunlop

    Hey Carp,

    any truth to the rumor that you, as a coach, ended that unbeaten streak in 94???? That was your ONE coaching victory wasn’t it??? Therefore wouldnt that rank you right up there with Kotite and Trottier????

  3. robix

    I really disagree that the Rangers can be a force in the playoffs. We’ve got once of the softest D corps in the league. Florida walked all over the D tonight, still lost, even though Lundqvist was fantastic. Backman was not the answer to our questions on D.

  4. Rick Carpiniello

    Reg, I did only win once as coach. But I didn’t lose many.

    robix, I agree the D is soft, and certainly could be stronger. I just think there’s no great team in the East and if you have the goalie and the system, why not? It’s kind of like the Giants in that great NFC this year.

    great points, Peter. This is the kind of analysis I truly miss from Rangers fans.

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