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Just one more thing on this Billy Crystal thing and why the commissioner (lol) should put an end to such things immediately. Then I’ll let it rest.

There was an ad in some of the papers today for Crystal performing at a casino. Gee, what a surprise. Sort of like Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks performing at the Super Bowl then going out on tour together. Performers do this all the time. They make the rounds to promote their own interests. I’m not saying that Crystal dreamed up the whole one-at-bat (whiff) idea to plug his upcoming shows, but I don’t doubt that he did.

That’s why the commish (lol) has to do something about this, or else we’re going to end up with all sorts of cross promotions. What next? Chris Berman playing left field for the Mets? The winner of American Idol or some other network TV show pinch-hitting for A-Rod? P. Diddy taking a big-league hack? We’ve already established that MLB will sell out for dollars, and that’s why the Yankees are wearing those stupid striped hats and those blue jerseys in the spring, and why, really, Yankee Stadium faces a wrecking ball in 2009. Do we also need to pimp out the game to promote someone else’s interests?

Maybe Gov. Spitzer will look into this. You know, with all the free time he’s got.

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